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Our Audience—5 Million Strong!

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We offer custom-marketing programs that reach our entire Home Buyer audience—5 million strong. Please contact us to learn more.

The Home Buyer audience is uniquely beneficial to you in three key areas:

Highly targeted audience: Our readers are all keenly interested in the magazine’s special-interest topic (unlike more mass-audience magazines).

Targeted editorial: Every page of our editorial content is about this topic of special interest to the audience (and our readers see advertising as helpful and an extension of editorial). It means that your ad is surrounded by trusted editorial content.

Engaged audience: Our readers are all passionately engaged in the active pursuit of the topic—old houses, log homes, timber homes, Arts and Crafts homes.

The Home Buyer Audience is engaged, informed and passionate.

When comparing Home Buyer Publications’ log and timber audience with our old house audience, one thing is clear: Across all titles and all platforms, the median income, average age, education level and male-to-female ratio of these two groups are remarkably similar.

Once you get closer, there are subtle differences. Some are passionate about custom wood homes while others consider themselves stewards of America’s old houses. Although the two home styles are different, one thing remains constant with our audience—many are shopping for building supplies, home designers and builders, house wares, and lifestyle goods. Many of these products easily transition from log to timber to old-house applications.

Historically, our magazines have focused on building products and home decor. But with an affluent, well-educated audience 5 million strong, we have exciting cross-platform advertising opportunities for businesses from architects to lifestyle and consumer goods to travel and retirement destinations.

With 15 publications, a respected educational program, multiple online brands, and live events throughout the country, we serve an active community of like-minded individuals across all media platforms. We’d like to introduce you to them.

Female Audience Male Audience Average Income College Education









Download the Home Buyer Audience Snapshot:

Download the Home Buyer Audience Snapshot

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