TimberHomeLiving.com offers an archive of beautiful timber frame homes, hundreds of floorplans, decor tips, and directories of timber home companies and builders. In the past year, more than 300,000 unique visitors have visited TimberHomeLiving.com and viewed more than 2 million pages.


The TimberHomeLiving.com audience is actively researching, shopping for solutions
and highly targeted.

The TimberHomeLiving.com audience is highly educated, prosperous and interested in comfortable, energy-efficient living. They appreciate fine things: great food, good quality, authentic craftsmanship, and memorable experiences. They are ready to buy. These affluent consumers do their homework before making a purchase, but once they decide, they move quickly. This group logs onto TimberHomeLiving.com to research products and services before making final buying decisions.

Meet the TimberHomeLiving.com audience:

Meet the TimberHomeLiving.com Audience

Premium Company Storefronts

If you’re a timber home company: Inclusion in the Timber Home Companies section of the
Marketplace is key. Our readers are literally looking for the company that will build their dream home, and the floor plan that will inspire it. To make any prospect’s short-list, a Company Storefront is essential.

Place your company in the most comprehensive listing of timber home companies available anywhere.

TimberHomeLiving.com Marketplace

Get listed in the premier online classifieds marketplace for timber home companies, builders, suppliers, decor-makers and service providers.

Floor Plans—Showcase Your Best

Floors Plans are THE MOST visited pages on TimberHomeLiving.com. Get your company floor plans listed here so when folks are planning their dream home, your floor plan is the one that inspires them. Upgrade to a premium listing move one of your plans to the beginning of the category.

Leads–Get On Their Short List

Customers use these pages to quickly find and request free information on the products and/or services found in the pages of Timber Home Living. You can provide more information to consumers and link directly to your website.

TimberHomeLiving.com’s E-Newsletter

The TimberHomeLiving.com E-Newsletter delivers editor-approved, useful and timely content to opted-in consumers, who are actively planning, designing and preparing to build their dream timber home.

Build brand awareness and link buyers directly to your website as the exclusive sponsor of an issue of TimberHomeLiving.com’s E-Newsletter.

Floor Plans Monthly E-Newsletter, by LogHome.com

Showcase your floor plans and drive traffic to your website!

Want to get your floor plans in the email inboxes of log home enthusiasts? Then getting your plan in the Monthly Floor Plans E-Newsletter should be on your marketing to-do list. This special monthly e-newsletter focuses on the content most popular with our audience: floor plans.

TimberHomeLiving.com Custom Email Marketing

Introduce your company and products to thousands of eager buyers. Need to promote an upcoming event to a targeted audience of timber home enthusiasts and home-buying prospects?

A customized, targeted email, devoted exclusively to your product or company. We’ll send it to our entire list of opt-in subscribers. The email can contain photos, text and direct links to your site.

Builder State by State Listings

Get listed in the largest, most-visited timber home builder and dealer directory anywhere.

Ad Banner Advertising

Extend your reach by promoting your business on TimberHomeLiving.com – the online destination for timber home information and inspiration.

TimberHomeLiving.com offers the highest-quality, most cost effective online advertising programs of any site dedicated to timber homes with banner ads at just two cents per impression.

Facebook Likes

Be listed as one of the companies that Timber Home Living likes on their Facebook pages. Facebook is the fastest growing site on the web – make sure you are where your consumers would expect to find you.

Product Giveaway Promotion

Your product front and center: generating leads and building brand awareness.

Generate thousands of interested leads for your line of products by taking part in the TimberHomeLiving.com Product Promotion Giveaway.

Home Show Takeovers

Get in front of our audience first.

Extend your reach. Augment your presence. Boost your success at the Log & Timber Home Show! So you have a booth at the Log & Timber Home Show, but you really want to stand out to the ready-to-buy enthusiasts who are planning to attend. You want to introduce yourself before the show. You want to have a guaranteed spot on their “must-see” list. You want to be the first company they visit.

Sounds perfect. But is it possible? Take advantage of the Extreme Home Show Takeover, and the resounding answer is “Yes!”

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