Considered the “go-to-resource” by our audience, OldHouseOnline.com provides the tools necessary to research, plan, and complete period-perfect restoration projects. It is also the home of the Products & Services Directory, the most authoritative and comprehensive guide to suppliers of products and services for old homes and old-house style. OldHouseOnline.com also offers online webinar courses designed to inform and engage consumers hungry to learn more about restoring and caring for old houses.


The OldHouseOnline.com audience is highly educated, eager to learn and actively researching.

The OldHouseOnline.com audience is well educated in every sense-they know the ins and outs of old houses. They are eager to learn about the products and services that will help them restore and care for their cherished period homes. This audience craves the inspiration, how-to advice, photos, and products found on OldHouseOnline.com, and view the site as the essential research tool. Traditional products, period decor, and goods and services that help simplify the restoration and maintenance process do very well with this group.

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Products & Services Directory

The Old-House Online Products & Services Directory is the most authoritative and comprehensive guide to suppliers of products and services for old homes and old-house style. Old-house lovers seek authentic period products or modern products that are sensitive to traditional style.

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The web’s best social community site for old-house enthusiasts.

This engaging community site is the gathering place for active old-house enthusiasts. These users are serious about their homes, ready to restore them and eager to connect with others.

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Home Group has the top niche websites for each of our categories: LogHome.com, CabinLivingMag.com, TimberHomeLiving.com, TheLogandTimberShow.com, OldHouseOnline.com, ArtandCraftsHomes.com, HistoricHomeShow.com, TraditionalBuilding.com, PeriodHomes.com and TraditionalBuildingShows.com. Our websites attract the highest number of qualified prospects because they have the most comprehensive listings of companies, products, floor plans, architects and suppliers available online, along with how-to and informative articles from industry experts around the country.

Our focus at Home Group online division is to constantly upgrade the content, design and experience for our visitors and advertisers. We are always striving to keep up with technology and introduce our audience to the best of breed when viewing our websites.

We believe in giving them the content and resources when they want it, where they want it and how they want it delivered.

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