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Buying a log home is a journey. For more than three decades, Log Home Living magazine has been the source readers trust to inspire and inform them from the moment they take those first tentative design steps through the point where they are sprinting toward the ownership finish line. Our goal has been and continues to be to fuel our audience’s passion for this unique lifestyle, helping them to navigate this winding path from enthusiast to owner. A blend of meticulous research, stimulating photography, creative floor plan coaching and sound construction advice have made Log Home Living their trusted partner.

We continue to expand the industry’s most recognized brand beyond our paper-and-ink roots, bringing both readers and advertisers more options in digital media, social media, and direct lead-generation platforms such as the Qualified Buyer Program and The Log and Timber Home Shows. These, combined with our traditional print medium provide expansive and interactive opportunities to reach more people, more often, and more directly.


The Log Home Living Audience is discerning, enthusiastic and aspirational.

The Log Home Living audience is dedicated and thorough when it comes to planning, designing, building, and outfitting their dream home. They have made Log Home Living the most-respected log home magazine and use it as the definitive reference tool. Even if they never lift a hammer themselves, they are engaged in every aspect of their home-building project. Most plan this to be their ultimate home and one that will last for generations.

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The Log Home Living audience is dedicated and thorough when it comes to planning, design-ing, building, and outfitting their dream home. They have made Log Home Living the most-respected log home magazine and use it as the definitive reference tool. Even if they never lift a hammer themselves, they are engaged in every aspect of their home-building project. Most plan this to be their ultimate home and one that will last for generations.

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Tap into Log Home Living’s affluent readership with print ads and electronic ads in our digital editions.

Focus On Floor Plans

The best place to showcase your most popular and successful home designs, this floor plan section is always a reader favorite.

Handcrafters’ Gallery

Provides log home handcrafters the opportunity to feature their spectacular homes in a full-page or half-page format.

Regional Advertising—A Log Home Living Exclusive

Four regional advertising sections (Northeast, Midwest, South and West) are offered in eight issues of Log Home Living. Regional ads allow you to target your ad campaign to your specific market area.

Builder/Dealer Marketplace

These classified ads are a state-by-state directory of log home builders, dealers, and producers allowing customers to identify businesses located near their home or building site.

Suppliers’ Marketplace

Log Home Living’s Suppliers’ Marketplace provides excellent exposure to suppliers of any product and service suitable for log home owners and enthusiasts. This classified advertising section is an invaluable resource for unique, hard-to find, or must-have items, and an effective and economical way to introduce your company to our enthusiastic audience.

Advertising Galleries

Each Gallery offers Log Home Living’s advertisers a special advertising section devoted exclu-sively to a specific product category or product types. Advertising galleries presented include Furniture & Decor Gallery, Outdoor Living Gallery and Real Estate Gallery.

Digital Edition

Log Home Living now offers a complete digital edition, reaching a new online and e-reader audience. Make your company stand out with an upgraded ad.

Log Home Living has entered its fourth decade as the leading log home resource. Over the years, the brand has evolved with its readers, delivering content to meet their changing needs and interests. And we continue to reinvent the the way we serve our audience, engaging them the way they want to receive inspiration and information whether it’s in print, online or through social media. In fact, LHL’s Facebook audience is approaching 400,000 followers with reach averaging 10,000 individuals per post — a statistic that far surpasses any other brand in the log and timber world. The months ahead will bring even more exciting digitally fueled features, such as custom videos and webinars, into the fold. Our investment in a “smart CMS” continues to pay off as it suggests content to users based on their interests and search history and keeps them engaged in our site. Our advertising partners benefit from this system as well, as it enables us to deliver a higher quantity and quality of leads as part of our Qualified Buyer Program.

Our continual evolution is one reason Log Home Living has maintained its status and its relevance when other resources have come and gone. But through the changes, one thing has remained the same — Log Home Living, in all its forms, is the starting line where dreams become reality.

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Hybrid Heaven

Buyers are increasingly more creative when it comes to the design and function of their homes. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the log home world, and the industry continues to respond. This issue will highlight the innovative design and construction options of the hybrid log home and feature exceptional, livable examples. It also will emphasize the energy efficiency of both hybrid and conventional log home construction and inspire readers to infuse their homes with a spectrum of color.

Plus: We unveil our new quarterly franchise: The Log Home Road Trip (see the callout box for details) spotlighting Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Sales close: 10/28/16
Materials due: 11/11/16
On sale date: 1/1/17


Crazy for Cabins

Whether it’s out of desire for a quaint, cozy atmosphere or as a budget-saving strategy, our readers LOVE small log homes and cabins. This stacked issue will feature houses on the smaller side, with an emphasis on how to plan a weekend getaway that will maximize enjoyment by minimizing maintenance. We’ll also give buyers tips to make their home an attractive vacation rental, while integrating technology that can monitor their property and protect their investment. The “parkitecture” design concept and creating restful guest spaces will be underscored.

Product feature: Outdoor hearths, fire pits and grills

Sales close: 12/16/16
Materials due: 12/23/16
On sale date: 1/17/17


Kitchen Creativity & Bath Bliss

Nearly 82% of readers primed to build say that they want special kitchen and bath issues to help them plan, and this issue delivers. We’ll show them how to design, build and outfit these two fundamental rooms to perfection, featuring smart tips from log home design experts and the latest trends and innovations from the annual International Builders’ Show/Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. Easy, low-cost upgrades to keep budgets in check will be highlighted.

Product features: Cabinetry, hood vents and hardware

Sales close:1/20/17
Materials due: 1/27/17
On sale date: 4/4/17


Dreaming is Believing

Every log home journey begins with a dream, and this issue will show off some of the most awe-inspiring homes around. But this is no pie-in-the sky venture. In addition to the lavish log life, we’ll show readers clever ways to get that luxurious touch on a budget, including designing outdoor living spaces and creating curb appeal.

Advertorial opportunity: Dream Home Showcase

Sales close: 2/24/17
Materials due: 3/3/17
On sale date: 5/9/17


Focus on Floor Plans

Readers can’t get enough floor plan ideas. Historically a top-selling theme, this month we’ll do a deep dive into designs for the various stages of life from young buyers to retirees. Design experts will weigh in on everything from low-lying, single story ranches to multi-level masterpieces, providing guidance on how to design a home that works now and down the road. Aging-in-place techniques will be emphasized.

Product feature: Roofing and flooring
Editorial Franchise: Log Home Road Trip (New England)

Sales close: 4/14/17
Materials due: 4/21/17
On sale date: 6/27/17


Log Home Overhauls

Mesmerized by makeovers? So are we. This issue will reveal some of the best before-and-afters out there and will inform readers how to take on their own renovations and additions. Designers and builders will weigh in on the logistics of a log home re-do, and whether a house is new or vintage, we’ll get it ready for fall with smart maintenance strategies.

Product feature: Doors, windows and skylights

Sales close: 5/12/17
Materials due: 5/19/17
On sale date: 8/1/17


Annual Buyer’s Guide

Now in its 34th year, this pinnacle issue continues to give buyers the solid buying and building education they need to make their log home dreams come true. This practical information is punctuated by gorgeous photography and home features that will motivate dreamers to become owners. Useful resource directories point buyers to the log home companies, builders, dealers and suppliers that can bring their visions to fruition, and the expanded floor plan gallery rounds out the most anticipated Log Home Living of the year.

Sales close: 6/16/17
Materials due: 6/23/17
On sale date: 9/5/17


Winter Love

With longer nights and falling temperatures, the benefits of a cozy, comfortable log home become evident. This issue will advise readers on topics winter-proofing techniques to lighting strategies. We’ll also explore the advantages and challenges of various types geographical terrain and include a listing of some of our favorite log home communities.

Editorial franchise: Log Home Road Trip (CO, MT)
Advertorial opportunity: Log & Timber Home Council call book (for LTHC members only)
Product feature: Lighting

Sales close: 8/11/17
Materials due: 8/18/17
On sale date: 10/24/17

January/February 2018

Small Home Solutions

Smaller houses my ooze charm but subtracting square footage requires a smart strategy. In this issue we’ll provide readers with savvy small home solutions in every area, including which rooms to size up or downsize, creating multifunctional, well-organized spaces and incorporating sufficient storage. SUB: Storage & Organization solutions (new year’s resolution)

Advertorial opportunity: Dream Home Showcase

Sales close: 10/6/17
Materials due: 10/13/17
On sale date: 12/12/17


donna-winter2008They say homeownership is “The American Dream.” But this dream is not unique to those living in the United States; it’s an aspiration without borders. No matter what country they reside in, people who are drawn to log homes are in a class unto themselves. Log Home Living celebrates and nurtures their unique dream by providing information and inspiration to an international audience.

Research shows the magazine’s typical readers are couples with above-average educations and income levels having advanced professional careers. Most own or have owned homes; many already own land. They are passionate about the rustic lifestyle and acknowledge that owning a log house is a very specific and distinctive choice.

Advertising with Log Home Living delivers your message to a targeted, responsive audience actively seeking credible multimedia resources to help them buy, build, maintain and live in their own log homes. They’re looking for you.


Donna Peak
Editor, Log Home Living

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Annual Buyer’s Guide

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