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Cabin Living was formed in 2015 as the Home Group blended Cabin Life and Country’s Best Cabins magazines. The success of this new magazine, which debuted in October 2015, results from addressing the preferences of readers, as determined by formal and informal surveys. The heart and soul of Cabin Living is the “Cabin Tour,” the photo-driven, inspirational cabin owner success story; there are typically three in each issue. The magazine is also organized around these four primary topic areas: plan/design/build features and floor plans; maintenance and decorating stories; outdoor living/ recreation features; and family gathering, tradition and hosting articles.

Two great opportunities for product exposure are the “Tooling Around” and “Getaway Gear” features in every issue. Products are presented thematically, but we don’t predetermine these themes far in advance. Your product might suggest a theme. These regular and special sections will continue and expand, allowing for greater presentation of relevant products and services. All of these content areas are opportunities for companies and individuals to contribute information and photography.


The Cabin Living audience is down-to-Earth, inquisitive and hands-on.

The Cabin Living audience is financially secure, college educated and ready to buy. They’ve been captured by the lure of the “cabin state of mind.” They are affluent, yet casual, and are “into” their cabins in every way possible. These folks won’t settle for anything less than a job well done. Products and services that speak to their American spirit and down-to-earth nature do very well with this group.

Female Audience Male Audience Average Income College Education









Cabin Living readers are enthusiastic folks who are interested in exploring every aspect of cabin and vacation home living. They connect to many topics — here are a few favorites:
97% Décor/cabin style
95% New cool stuff/products
85% Floor plans
71% Property insurance
69% Docks, boat lifts, and ramps

Outdoor recreational activities are a big part of the cabin lifestyle that also brings readers of all ages together.
84% participate in water sports
83% own some type of watercraft
60% participate in winter sports
45% are interested in riding ATVs

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The Cabin Living audience is financially secure, college educated and ready to buy. They’ve been captured by the lure of the “cabin state of mind.” They are affluent, yet casual, and are “into” their cabins in every way possible. These folks won’t settle for anything less than a job well done. Products and services that speak to their American spirit and down-to-earth nature do very well with this group.

99% of Cabin Living readers read some to all of the ads in the magazine.


Your opportunity to showcase your company’s products or services — in ad sizes ranging from 1/6th of a page up to two page spreads and beyond.

Floor Plan Advertising

Our Floor Plans section is the perfect venue to feature your company’s unique plans, as well as multiple views of the completed homes. The design format gives you full flexibility to showcase your plans with a flair unique to your company.

Advertising Centers

A unique advertising directory which showcases a specific product category. Topics include Outdoor Living, Energy Efficient Products, and Kitchen Products. (Available to qualified advertisers)

Classified Advertising

• State-by-State Directory of Builders, Dealers and Model Homes
• Category-by-Category Products & Services Directory

The Cabin Living classified section is a convenient and affordable way to market your products and services to a wide range of log home customers, all looking to build or furnish their dream. Call our classified advertising representative today to find out more about this low-cost marketing opportunity.

Digital Edition

Cabin Living now offers a complete digital edition, reaching a new online and e-reader audience. Make your company stand out with an upgraded ad.

Cabin Living provides inspiration and guidance for all phases of living the cabin dream: from planning to building to maintenance to security to decorating to remodeling. You will receive expert advice for DIY projects as well as tips for viewing wildlife, boating, fishing, and exploring trails. You will get ideas for family activities and traditions, plus weekend hosting tips and recipes.

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Small Cabin Retreats

This special small cabin issue is an annual reader favorite. It offers expert design tips, floor plans and small cabin tours full of ideas.

Cabin planning: How much square footage do you need?
Building a small cabin, bunkhouse or shed: Ready-made, kit or scratch?
Finding & buying cabin property
Paddlesports: Canoes & kayaks tricked out for fishing
Boat maintenance made easy

Social Media/e-Newsletter Coverage
–How to Buy Land for Your Dream Cabin
–Design Ideas: Cozy Kitchens
–Facebook Special: Small Cabin Roundup
–Have More Fun with Your Kayak, Canoe or SUP
–Tired Outboard Boat Motor: Repair or Replace?

Sales close: 12/2/16
Materials due: 12/9/16
On-sale date: 2/7/17


NEW: Cabin Living on the Waterfront

A high percentage of Cabin Living readers have places on lakes, rivers and reservoirs. This issue features designs for waterfront living while celebrating this special way of life.

Choosing outdoor paints & stains for tough climates
Boating: How to safely pull skiers, wakeboarders and tube-riders
Docks, boat lifts & ramps: Making sense of all the choices
Controlling lake weeds around your dock
Coping with the slope: Stairways and incline lifts/trams

Social Media/e-Newsletter Coverage
–Designing a Cabin to Connect with Nature
–Facebook Special: Beautiful Screen Porches, Decks & Patios
–Best Power Boat for Your Cabin
–Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Dock
–Managing Lake Weeds at Your Cabin

Sales close: 1/6/17
Materials due: 1/13/17
On-sale date: 3/21/17


NEW: Cabin Renovation & Remodeling

This issue delivers expert tips for whole cabin renovations and additions as well as remodeling tips for kitchens and baths.

Renovation Product Showcase (including info from IBS, KBIS)
Adding a storage building
Smart deck designs
Wood treatment basics
Pontoon Mania! (Annual reader favorite)

Social Media/e-Newsletter Coverage
–Repair or Replace: HVAC, Roofs and Windows
–Facebook Special: Kitchen & Bath Designs that Work
–Design Ideas: Creative Deck Layouts
–Expert Tips for Wood Preservation
–DIY Pontoon Boat Maintenance

Sales close: 2/17/17
Materials due: 2/24/17
On-sale date: 5/2/17


NEW: Hosting Friends & Family at the Cabin

Cabin Living’s readers frequently host and entertain guests. This issue gives advice for low-stress hosting and maximum fun.

Kitchens designed for entertaining
How to sleep a crowd
Legal advice: Passing down the family cabin
What’s new in grilling (from HPBA Expo)
Easy, delicious brunch recipes

Social Media/e-Newsletter Coverage
–Cabin Design Tip: Save Space with Built-ins
–Facebook Special: Kitchens We Love
–Creative Cabin Bedroom Designs
–How to Keep the Cabin in the Family
–Grilling Tips from the Experts

Sales close: 3/31/17
Materials due: 4/7/17
On-sale date: 6/13/17


NEW: The Cabin DIY Issue

In honor of the many weekend DIY warriors across cabin country, this issue is dedicated to how-to advice and ideas – and the tools to get the job done.

Beyond the cabin build: How much finishing work can you handle?
Essential tools for the cabin workshop
Outdoor shower designs: From easy to deluxe
Choosing the right generator for your cabin needs
Maintaining your personal driveway and woodland trails

Social Media/e-Newsletter Coverage
–Cabin Planning: What Does Your Log Package Include?
–He Built His Own Cabin – And Survived
–Cut Your Energy Costs, Save Money
–Facebook Special: DIY Outdoor Shower
–Why I Love My Generator

Sales close: 6/2/17
Materials due: 6/9/17
On-sale date: 8/15/17


Furnishing & Decorating Your Cabin Dream

How to make a personal statement with furnishings and décor to express your own brand and style of cabin living – whether that’s northwoods rustic, lake cottage or mountain lodge.

Expert tips for effective room/furniture layouts
Finishing touches: Variations on the Adirondack chair
Security: How to protect your property
Lawn tractor versus ATV: Pros & cons
Winterizing the year ‘round cabin

Social Media/e-Newsletter Coverage
–Facebook Special: Rustic Cabins We Love
–A Profile of Rustic Furniture Artisans
–Checklist for Winterizing the Cabin
–Using Trail Cameras for Security
–Gear up for Fall Hiking

Sales close: 7/7/17
Materials due: 7/14/17
On-sale date: 9/26/17


SPECIAL FOCUS: Cabin Floor Plan Special!

A favorite with readers, the floor plan issue gives readers ideas to spark their dream cabin and the opportunity to see what designs have worked for other cabin owners.

Customizing a floor plan to fit your style
Hearth makeover: Choices in manufactured stone
Creating holiday traditions at the cabin
Outdoor winter recreation quiz
Special Advertising Opportunity: Gift Guide

Social Media/e-Newsletter Coverage
–Where Cabin Dreams Begin
–Shopping for and Choosing a Floor Plan
–Highly Efficient Fireplaces & Wood Stoves
–DIY Hearth Makeover with Manufactured Stone
–Facebook Special: Cabin Living’s Best Holiday Recipes

Sales close: 8/25/17
Materials due: 9/1/17
On-sale date: 11/7/17

2018 Ultimate Resource Guide (AKA Annual Buyer’s Guide)

Your annual guide to cabin planning, designing, building, renovating, adding on and maintaining. Plus, expert advice and resources for outdoor living, recreation and entertaining.

Award-Winning Cabin Designs!

Cabin plan/build: Directories for producers, designers & suppliers
Recreation: Directories for boats, paddlesports, docks, lake maintenance, ATVs & more

Social Media/e-Newsletter Coverage
–Designing for Efficient Use of Space d
–How to Build on a Budget
–Rustic Lighting That Inspires
–Facebook Special: Creative Outdoor Seating
–Choosing the Right PWC

Sales close: 10/13/17
Materials due: 10/20/17
On-sale date: 12/26/17


Cabin Living Editor Mark Johnson

With 14 years of experience publishing about all things “cabin,” I am passionate about the cabin-retreat lifestyle. Cabin Living strives to reach a broad audience of both cabin dreamers and owners by tapping into the cabin “state of mind.” Each issue highlights the realistic attainability of cabin ownership through attractive, yet accessible, designs and provides prospective cabin owners with the tools they need to achieve their dream. And for cabin-retreat owners, Cabin Living provides fun stories and expert advice about maintenance, decorating, DIY projects, remodeling, outdoor living and recreation, hosting and more. All cabin enthusiasts – wherever they are on their path – want the best products, practices and resources to use to achieve and enjoy the dream, which they can find in both the editorial features and advertisements in Cabin Living.

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Mark R. Johnson
Editor, Cabin Living