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The Log & Timber Home University


For 25 years, The Log & Timber Home University (originally The Log Home Building Seminars) has been the leading source for continued education on building a log or timber frame home. This unique and exciting educational branch of The Log & Timber Media Group features both on-site and online webinar courses allowing consumers to choose the option that works best for their location, learning style and schedule.

Onsite courses are co-located with The Log & Timber Home Shows. Online webinar courses are available for anyone with a computer and phone and are held at convenient times throughout the year. Experienced and unbiased professionals present all courses making The Log & Timber Home University a trusted resource.


The Log & Timber Home University audience is focused, informed,
and highly qualified.

The Log & Timber Home University Course Outline

There is no more concentrated audience of ready-to-buy log and timber enthusiasts than the attendees at our half-day courses. These are the people who are financially prepared, emotionally ready, and actively planning to build. They have paid a premium price to learn everything they can about their building process. Log & Timber Home University graduates are more likely to purchase their home shortly after taking the course.

There’s no guesswork with this group. Put your brand in front of this exclusive audience by advertising in the Log & Timber Home University Course Outline.

Log & Timber Home Workbook

This planner-style special edition sold on newsstands throughout the country is a must-have for those actively pursuing a custom-wood vacation or primary home. The workbook is like an at-home prerequisite to our Log & Timber Home University half-day course.

Advertising in the Log & Timber Home Workbook is an essential part of planting your brand’s seed in the minds of people in their due-diligence phase—the underpinning of every successful marketing campaign.

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Sponsor Log & Timber Home University

Option 1: Live commercial, literature included with student handouts, attend the question and answer session and receive names and contact information of students.

Option 2: Your literature included with student handouts, receive the names and contact information of the students.

Option 3: Live mention and your literature included with student handouts.

Option 4: Your literature included in student handouts.

Option 5: Provide your logo pens to our students.

Option 6: Provide coffee service (logo and company name at coffee station.)

Option 7: Provide lunch (logo and company name as lunchtime sponsor.)

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Get your brand in front of an audience of log home enthusiasts. Take a look at the current schedule.

Sales Director Rob ClutterFor thirty years, Home Group has been leading the log, timber and more recently, the old-house industry, through good times and bad.

As Director of Sales here at Home Group, I know first-hand how scary this roller-coaster economy has been. Many noted economists liken it to The Great Depression, so it got me wondering how companies that had enjoyed the Industrial-Revolution joy ride survived the economic blight of the 1930’s. Of course there are plenty of stories of triumph and tragedy—but one stood out in my mind.

In 1929, when consumer spending dried up, most companies slashed advertising budgets, or did away with marketing efforts all together. Instead of retreating, Proctor and Gamble (P&G) took a bold stance. They decided to spend even more combining print campaigns with sponsorship of daily, commercial-radio broadcasts aimed at homemakers. The campaign proved so successful, the company launched its own radio serial specifically to promote laundry detergent. Deemed the first “Soap Opera,” Oxydol’s Own Ma Perkins debuted in 1933 and soon became a hit with housewives across the country. Oxydol flew off the shelves. Day saved.

Imagine how scared those P&G marketing heads must have been in that meeting, “Look boss, instead of cutting our advertising budget to withstand the downturn, we think you should increase it!” But that one bold move helped sell millions of dollars worth of laundry detergent at a time when most Americans couldn’t afford shoes for their children. Today, Proctor and Gamble continues to thrive as a market leader in the health, beauty and household goods sector.

Much like the challenges and fears P&G and others faced back then, the current economy provides us with an opportunity to explore new value-added solutions to help our advertisers and exhibitors make the most of every marketing dollar. We offer innovative, custom-marketing solutions designed to help you reach our 5 million well-educated, affluent consumers with your message. With more than a dozen publications, numerous live events across the country and a well-respected educational program, I’m happy to say, we’re growing our audience daily.

I think you’ll find that our fresh, fully-integrated marketing approach combined with the
loyalty of our audience –5 million strong– can help you create your own success story during this challenging time.

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Rob Clutter
Sales Director
Log & Timber Group

Log & Timber Home University Special Issues

The Log & Timber Home University Course Guide

The Log & Timber Home University Course Guide

The Log & Timber Home University Course Guide is the official syllabus of our Log & Timber Home University on-site classes. This special publication offers the opportunity to place your brand in front of Log & Timber Home University attendees actively planning to build a custom-wood home in the near future. With dedicated chapters on choosing a log or timber home company, a mortgage lender, and a builder—to sections that detail construction steps and specifications, this is a tool that will be consulted again and again.

The Log & Timber Home Workbook

Custom Wood Home Planner

A bestseller on the newsstand and in our own Bookstore, Custom Wood Home Planner is the essential step-by-step guide to plan your dream home. This popular publication provides answers to the most-asked questions about building a custom-wood home: from budgeting and designing to planning and building, this book covers the entire process. Advertising in Custom Wood Home Planner assures that a large audience of custom-wood home enthusiasts will see your products.