Log & Timber Home Show

The Log & Timber Home Show


Since 1995, Home Buyer Publications has produced more than 150 Log & Timber home shows targeting the industry’s hottest markets. These large-scale shows are exciting, fun and lively. They feature two-story exhibits, life-size log and timber frame structures, extravagant furniture and decor, free workshop presentations, and educational demonstration areas.

Deemed our flagship shows, The Log & Timber Home Shows are held in major metropolitan convention centers across the country.


The Log & Timber Home Show audience is proactive, ready to buy and resourceful.

The Log & Timber Home Show audience has been thinking about their dream home for years. Even in this difficult economy, many of these buyers are ready to take action. While a great many attendees are just beginning to get serious about their search, more than 75% already own land or are in the process of researching land options. Some are searching for a log home manufacturer. Others are looking to furnish and decorate their dream log home.

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Exhibit Booth

Showcase your products, services and craftsmanship to the log and timber home enthusiasts and professionals who share a passion for custom wood homes. (Booth sizes are 10 x 10 and up.)


  • Extreme Home Takeover: Exclusive, $1000
  • Bag Sponsorship: Exclusive, $500, you provide the bags with your logo. Bags are given to every attendee at the door with your literature inside.
  • Lanyards for consumers: Exclusive, $500, you provide lanyards with your company logo. Lanyards are given to every attendee at the door.
  • Pens for consumers: Exclusive, $400, you provide the pens. Pens are given to every attendee.
  • Consumer Lounge: $200, 10×20 size, literature and tent sign on table (water will be provided in lounge)
  • Concession Table Sponsorship: $50 per table, literature and tent sign
  • Registration Area Signage: $100
  • Exhibitor Reception Sponsor: Exclusive, $500 plus cost of food, signage, 5-10 minute talk
  • Exhibitor Reception Sponsorship: Non-exclusive, $500, signage and introduction


  • Level 4: $500, limited availability (1-3 sponsors), live introduction, literature in handout materials, attend the question and answer session at the end, names and contact information of attendees
  • Level 3: $250, your literature in handout materials, names and contact information of attendees
  • Level 2: $150, live mention, your literature included with university materials
  • Level 1: $100, your literature included in materials
  • Pens for university: $100 per show, exclusive, you provide the pens
  • Coffee Service for university: $400, logo and company name at coffee station

Demonstrations & Workshop:

  • Naming rights to workshop area: $500, exclusive
  • Naming rights to demonstration area: Suppliers only $300, exclusive