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If you want to sell to the $170 billion traditional building market, we can help.

The market’s professionals – contractors, building owners, facilities
managers, developers, architects, custom builders, interior
designers and tradesmen – buy and specify an estimated $50 billion
of building materials for the renovation and restoration of historic
buildings and historically-inspired new construction. Together,
these publications and their websites give you total coverage of the
traditional building market.


Reach 60,000 architects, contractors, building owners and facilities managers who do commercial, public and institutional historic restoration, renovation and traditional-style new construction.

TRADITIONAL BUILDING magazine is the source for historic products. Published six times per year, Feb; April; June; Aug; Oct and Dec each issue is themed to important building types and the products that go into them. TRADITIONAL BUILDING carries four times more advertisers than any general interest design and construction magazine.

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Annual Guidebook

A comprehensive indexed directory of historical
products and services for public and commercial
projects. Valuable, updated information compiled into
one concise publication.

Special Report
A Capitol Idea – A look at the restoration/renovation of
historic state capitols. What are the challenges and solutions?
What makes these different from other projects?

Feature: The Best of 2017 – What did our readers find
most useful and interesting in 2016? By delving into our
data bases and drawing information from surveys and
social media, we have complied a compendium of what
was important last year – products, projects and more.
And will they still be important going forward?

Buying Guides:

  • Artwork, Art Glass & Furnishings
  • Columns & Capitals
  • Conservatories, Greenhouses & Outbuildings
  • Doors, Windows, Shutters & Hardware
  • Exterior Elements, Ornament & Finishes
  • Flooring
  • Interior Ornament & Finishes
  • Landscape, Streetscape & Garden Specialties
  • Lighting & Electrical
  • Mantels, Fireplaces & Chimneys
  • Metalwork
  • Plumbing, Bath & Heating
  • Professional Services
  • Roofing & Roof Specialties
  • Salvaged Materials & Antiques
  • Stone, Brick & Masonry
  • Timber Framing & Barns
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Woodwork

Sales close: 01/05/18
Materials due: 01/12/18
Mail date: 02/20/18


Public Buildings & Landscapes/Streetscapes

Focusing on restorations, renovations, additions and new
construction of public buildings, including courthouses,
libraries, city halls & more.

Product Report: What’s in a Façade? – A look at
options for historic buildings, including exterior molding,
brick, terra cotta and more.
Plus: Recent Projects

Buying Guides:

  • Historical Products Showcase
  • Bird Control
  • Columns, Capitals & Balustrades
  • Doors & Entryways
  • Exterior Lighting, including Gas Lighting
  • Exterior Molded Ornament
  • Landscape & Streetscape Specialties: including Bird Control, Benches, Fences & Gates, Fountains & Water Features, Gazebos, Planters, Pavers, Public Sculpture & Street Furnishings
  • Masonry Restoration & Cleaning
  • Slate, Tile & Metal Roofing & Roof Specialties
  • Natural Building Stone
  • Storefronts & Facades
  • Metal & Wood Windows, Shutters & Hardware

Sales close: 03/02/18
Materials due: 03/09/18
Mail date: 04/11/18


Focusing on Custom Architecture & Technology

Featuring the winners of the 2018 Palladio Awards
– Launched in 2002 by Clem Labine, this is the only
national architectural awards program that honors
traditional design. Now marking its 17th year, it has cited
more than 100 traditional projects in categories such as
new construction, restoration & renovation and adaptive
reuse/sympathetic additions.

Buying Guides:

  • Historical Products Showcase
  • Artwork, Art Glass & Furnishings
  • Columns & Capitals
  • Conservatories, Greenhouses & Outbuildings
  • Doors, Windows, Shutters & Hardware
  • Exterior Elements, Ornament & Finishes
  • Flooring, Wood & Non-Wood
  • Interior Elements, Ornament & Finishes
  • Landscape, Streetscape & Garden Specialties
  • Lighting & Electrical
  • Mantels, Fireplaces & Chimneys
  • Metalwork
  • Plumbing, Bath & Heating
  • Roofing & Roof Specialties
  • Stone, Brick & Masonry
  • Timber Framing & Barns
  • Woodwork
  • Religious Specialties

Sales close: 04/27/18
Materials due: 05/04/18
Mail date: 06/13/18


Hospitality & Commercial Interiors

Hotels, theaters, restaurants and similar buildings will be featured, including restoration, renovation, additions and new construction in traditional styles.

Plus: The Annual Clem Labine Award – A profile
of a person who made contributions outside of his/her
professional life, a person who has lived a “life with
purpose,” says Clem Labine. Previous winners include
Christine G. H. Franck, Alvin Holm, Steven W. Semes,
Ray Gindroz, Jean Carroon, Milton W. Grenfell, Robert
Baird and Duncan Stroik.
Product Report: Ornamental Ceilings for historic

  • The Architectural Antiques Yellow Pages
  • Recent Projects

Buying Guides: Hospitality and Commercial Interiors

  • Historical Products Showcase
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Flooring, Wood & Non-Wood
  • Doors & Entryways & Hardware
  • Glass Domes
  • Interior Lighting
  • Interior Molded Ornament
  • Interior Woodwork & Moldings
  • Mantels & Fireplaces
  • Stairs & Railings, Metal & Wood
  • Ornamental Ceilings & Fans
  • Registers & Grilles
  • Decorative Painting, Murals & Venetian Plaster

Sales close: 06/28/18
Materials due: 07/06/18
Mail date: 08/13/18


Institutional Architecture & Landscapes/Streetscapes

Featuring universities, schools, museums and similar buildings.

Feature: Sustainability and LEED for historic buildings
– A look at sustainability and LEED and how these issues
have impacted historic preservation and new traditional
Plus: Recent Projects

Buying Guides: Exteriors

  • Historical Products Showcase
  • Architectural Sheet Metal
  • Exterior Lighting, Including Gas
  • Exterior Molded Ornament
  • Exterior Woodwork
  • Masonry Restoration & Cleaning
  • Roofing & Roof Specialties
  • Snow Guards
  • Windows, Doors, Shutters & Hardware

Landscapes/Streetscapes Buying Guides:

  • Bird Control
  • Fences & Gates
  • Fountains & Water Features
  • Gazebos & Outbuildings
  • Pavers
  • Public Sculpture

Sales close: 08/31/18
Materials due: 09/07/18
Mail date: 10/12/18


Religious Buildings

Churches, synagogues, temples and other religious buildings are the focus of this issues. Articles will feature renovations, restorations, additions and new construction in traditional styles.

Plus: Recent Projects

Buying Guides:

  • Historical Products Showcase
  • Art Glass
  • Cast & Carved Stone
  • Decorative Painting, Murals & Mosaics
  • Ecclesiastical Furnishings & Specialties
  • Forged & Wrought Metalwork & Metal Castings
  • Flooring
  • Interior Lighting
  • Sculpture & Statuary
  • Specialty Brick & Mortar
  • Steeples, Domes & Cupolas
  • Terra Cotta
  • Windows, Doors & Hardware
  • Wood Carving

Sales close: 10/26/18
Materials due: 11/02/18
Mail date: 12/12/17



Founded in 1988, Traditional Building magazine is the only magazine that focuses on traditional design in public architecture. The magazine and the website are read by architects, contractors, facility managers, developers, artisans and interior designers.

Articles highlight historic preservation, adaptive re-use and new traditional design for commercial, institutional and government buildings – as well as civic spaces and landscapes. Product guides, articles and photo galleries provide the latest information on how to specify and locate historically inspired products such as windows, doors, lighting, columns, hardware and related services. In addition, noted authors and designers discuss current professional issues, such as conflicts between modernism and traditional design as they affect architecture and urban design.

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