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Beyond advertising in a single Home Buyer outlet—magazines, events, online—the wise approach is to put your brand in front of a potential 5 million enthusiasts with a custom marketing campaign that reaches across all three platforms.

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Magazines Events Online Digital Editions
Magazines Events Online Digital Editions

Established 1984
Readership: 2.3 million

Established 1995
20,000+ attendees per year

12,000,000 page views per year
1,800,000 unique visitors annually

Cutting Edge Digital Editions of many of our magazines.

Learning Forums E-Marketing Campaigns E-Newsletters Custom Publishing
Learning Forums E-Marketing E-Newsletters Custom Publishing

Established in 1985
1,000+ graduates per year
(Formerly The Log & Timber
Home Seminars)

175,000 Opted-In Subscribers
Reach our audience with your custom message.

175,000 opted-in subscribers
Sponsorship opportunities.

Event programs
Custom content advertorials

Product Giveaways Co-Sponsored Events Webinars Social Media
Product Giveaways Co-Sponsored Events Webinars Social Media

Co-branded contests create high visibility and product excitement

Editor appearances/speaking engagements
We’ll advertise your event in our publication and online.

Free online webinars.
Sponsorship opportunities.

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